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Collaboration at its Finest – The EIT Alumni Board of Boards

The first edition of the EIT Alumni Board of Boards meeting took place in Budapest on the 16th of September.
For the first time, the board members of the four pillars of the EIT Alumni network met to discuss the future of the wider community and develop some exciting events for the upcoming year.

Solutions were shared, challenges were conquered, and tips were transferred. This meeting was collaboration at its finest!
One thing is clear: there was not a bored face in sight at the Board of Boards meeting!

"Now the boring stuff is done, let's get on with the exciting things!"

The meeting began with a warm welcome from the dedicated EIT Alumni supervisor - Laurent Roux. His message was then echoed by the new President of our community - Falko Döring.
In voicing his support, our EIT Alumni Community Officer - Francesco Bonadiman - eloquently pointed out that the previous Board of 2016 had efficiently laid the foundations for the EIT Alumni community, or - "done the boring stuff" -  and that this year could be dedicated to more exciting things - cross-community events!

Cross-community Knowledge Exchange

As many of the communities involved had recently gone through some big changes (new boards, new members, new websites/platforms), the first session of the day was dedicated to community presentations, with follow up Q & A, and suggestions from participants on how best to combat each others challenges.

The enthusiasm to support each other and connect the communities made for a wonderfully positive atmosphere!


Much to the delight of the legion of Italians in attendance, the alumni replenished their energy levels with the old Hungarian classic - pizza -  complete with all the traditional Italian toppings - paprika, pineapple, and BBQ sauce!


This is when the meeting really hit its stride. As the white board was brought to the front of the room, there was a collective realisation among the participants: this Board of Boards' board had brought them within reach of Boardception!

During a short coffee break, the members were invited to attack the board with as many ideas as possible: on one side, outlining the challenges faced by the wider EIT Alumni Community, and on the other suggesting possible cross-community activities.

There was a vast number of suggestions for activities, ranging from a collaborative newsletter with shared content to promoting alumni as jury members at EIT Community level events.

Once the list was complete, the suggestions were put to the floor. After much discussion, the best were chosen and are now under development by the EIT Alumni Board. Look out for some new pilot EIT Alumni activities soon!

"You're a Communications Officer? No way! So am I!"

As the day wound to a close, small knowledge-exchange groups were formed to get down to the nitty gritty details of each community. Communications officer with Communications Officer, Secretary with Secretary, and President with President.

Finally, as the late summer sun began to wane, the meeting came to an end. New friendships were made, partnerships formed, and activities planned. You could almost see the proverbial glowing lightbulbs floating above everyone's heads as they made the descent from the rooftop of EIT HQ.

Until next time, Board of Boards!