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Exciting opportunities at vojo for the EIT Alumni

The team at vojo, an initiative co-founded by a member of the EIT Climate-KIC Alumni, are looking for fellow members of the EIT Alumni Community to join them on their entrepreneurial journey. 

Interested to know more? Read on below!

So, what is vojo?

vojo​ is a low-carbon travel planning platform; pulling together data on the European mobility​ network, ​emissions​ factors and citizens’ travel ​behaviour​.

vojo offers ​a new way​ of looking at travel. ​Why​ do we travel? What are our ​options and how do our ​choices​ affect society, the environment and our ​future​?

Read more about vojo here.

The Sziget project:

The vojo team will partner with Sziget Festival in 2019 to inform the festival-goers about the carbon footprint of different travel options to and from Budapest. vojo will appear as a plugin on the festival web-page; displaying the relative climate impacts of different travel itineraries (e.g. combined flight, train and coach journeys). The plugin would redirect the user to the vojo website with more functionalities, whose sophistication will be decided by the next two months, on the road to the very tight deadline with Sziget

How do You come in?

We are looking for enthusiastic people, with an interest in climate issues and sustainable travelling. We want to expand our core team and we are interested in people who would also be interested in joining vojo for the long haul. We could benefit from a variety of backgrounds, but we’re especially looking for people with experience in Front-End Web Development; Systems Administration (Linux) for Web Hosting and Scalability; User Experience Design and Mobile Development (iOS/Android). Due to particularities in our funding mechanisms we are looking for Austria-based developers especially, but not exclusively.

What do we offer?

We can offer only a small remuneration at the first stages of the project. However, vojo will grow into a startup still in the first quarter of 2019. vojo is a project born from the need for climate action in the travel sector, but we expect it to grow to many times its current size, and steadily attract new funding. To all people who become a part of the core vojo team we can offer the possibility of shares in the company.

For Front-End Web Development we are currently offering a higher remuneration than for the other roles, as we are in a critical phase in developing a well functioning prototype for the Sziget project.  

How to contact us:

Telephone: +43 677 62727457


Join the vojo team: read the project description on the Jobs Page and apply!

vojo is powered by the Center for Global Change & Sustainability, BOKU and the Austrian Climate & Energy Fund and developed in collaboration with Climate Media Factory and Climate Outreach 


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Space: the final frontier. Or is it?


We have recently been contacted about a number of opportunities in the world of space, astronomy, and extraterrestrial innovation.

We decided to put together this handy list for EIT Alumni members who may be looking to venture further into the unknown!

Check out some of these exciting adventures below:

The Copernicus Incubation scheme is an initiative funded with 3,000,000 Euro which aims to award 50,000 Euro to 60 European start-ups between 2018 and 2020. This first year of the Copernicus Incubation scheme has been a great success, with 22 outstanding start-ups supported, out of 110 applications. There is an upcoming application deadline in mid-February and a second in May. Don’t miss your opportunity!

Read how to apply here. (Deadline February 15th) 


The INNOspace Masters ideas competition – as part of the INNOspace® initiative by the DLR Space Administration – is looking for world-changers with new ideas for the next space generation.

Space Moves! is the key motto. The topics for submissions to the INNOspace Masters ideas competition are both the development of innovative space technologies using expertise from other industries and also the application of existing technologies, services and applications from space for everyday life on earth.

Accept the challenge! Each of our partners presents its own challenge to the participants with individual areas of focus according to the development phase within the innovation process. Every idea finds the right challenge at the INNOspace Masters! Each challenge selects a winner at the awards ceremony. Irrespective of the ranking in the challenges, the jury decides on an additional overall winner, who can enjoy being entitled “INNOspace

Apply here before February 8th!


SpaceUp is a project financed by the EU Framework programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).
Throughout the project lifetime six Space Academies will take place in various locations in Europe, networking new space tech entrepreneurs with potential partners in Finance, Business, Space Clusters and Science Parks, plunging Start-ups into a genuinely European Space ecosystem.. ​
​The first Space Academy will take place in Helsinki, Finland 3-4 June 2019.

Apply here. (Deadline 1 March 2019) 

[Good luck and Godspeed!]

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20% discount for EIT Alumni members to attend EU-Startups Summit 2019

This week we have negotiated a 20% discount for any EIT Alumni members who may want to attend the EU-Startups Summit 2019!

The summit takes place in Barcelona on May 2-3

If you would like to make use of this great opportunity, please send an email to to receive your discount code.

What is the EU-Startups Summit?

The EU-Startups Summit is the annual flagship event of - the leading online publication about startups in Europe. the event showcases a selection of Europe's hottest startups and offers participants to come together to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs of our time!


At the 2019 edition of the EU-Startups Summit over 1.200 startup founders, tech folks, corporates, business angels, media people and investors are expected from all across Europe. The event offers great networking opportunities, inspiring speakers and a workshop stage. There is also an exciting pitch competition with a prize package worth more than €70,000 and great after-parties in the evening for further networking and drinks! 🙂

More information regarding the EU-Startups Summit can be found here.

You can purchase you tickets here.

Don't forget to contact us for your EIT Alumni discount! -

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Women@EIT – Women4IT

At the end of last year, the EIT Alumni were contacted by Digital Europe to take part in the 'Releasing Women's Potential for the Digital Economy - Women4ITevent in Brussels on December 12th.

Taking full advantage of this opportunity to boost the visibility of our activities related to Women entrepreneurship, we reached out to the co-founders of Women@EIT.

Dóra Pálfi, alumna of EIT Digital, agreed to take part on our behalf. She presented the activities of the EIT and EIT Alumni, and offered some insights into Women@EIT and her own career in ICT. Dora sat on the panel ' Why Women in ICT' alongside Eva Fabry from the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT), and and Susanna Makela from Microsoft.

Following the event, Dora got in touch with us and shared her account of the event. Read her take below:

"On December 12th, the “Releasing Women's Potential for the Digital Economy - Women4IT" launch event was hosted by DIGITALEUROPE. Policy makers, leading representatives of the digital economy ecosystem represented in Brussels, the founders of the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, and representatives of the media all had a chance to discuss the issue of diversity and gender equality in the tech sector.

Changing this situation will take time. Meanwhile, engagement and actions at all levels are paramount to show young women that technology provides valuable tools for boosting creativity and real-world problem solving.

The first panel “Why women in ICT?” addressed questions around why the lack of women in the ICT is even a “problem” and what understanding we have about the root causes of this issue. Speakers on the panel included Eva Fabry from the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) who discussed the Norwegian approach, and Susanna Makela from Microsoft who has presented Microsoft’s recent study that has found that girls already at a young age, before starting high school, begin to shy away from technology and engineering.

As the co-founder of women@EIT and a woman starting her career in tech I had the unique opportunity to contribute to the discussion from the perspective of female students aspiring for a career in ICT. Beyond discussing the various initiatives the EIT supports in order to encourage female participation in technology and entrepreneurship I had the chance to share how women@EIT brings a unique addition to the ecosystem: while we also believe that role models are important, one of our key pillars is having an active peer network of female students and professionals in technology/entrepreneurship."

You can view the full album of photos from the panel “Why Women in ICT?”  here.

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Look for your wing-person and be one for others, too

By Mark Aguinaldo, EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Representative to the EIT Alumni Board

That's my takeaway from the workshop session at the EIT Health Alumni Summit held in Lodz, Poland earlier this month. Indeed, pursuing one's goals becomes manageable when you're receiving support from people you trust. Like in an air combat mission, the lead pilot needs a wing-person - someone to guard their blind-spots and ready to support their next, often daring, maneuvers.

Straight from the last EIT Alumni Board meeting for 2018, hosted at the EIT Health headquarters in Munich, I traveled to Lodz as an EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Community representative to the 1st EIT Health Alumni Summit. As an additional privilege of being part of the EIT Alumni network, I got the chance to attend the 3rd edition of the annual EIT Health Summit. Both events, hosted at the Medical University of Lodz, celebrated the tremendous efforts of EIT Health's network of best-in-class healthcare innnovators in delivering solutions to enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives.

At the EIT Health Alumni Summit, Alumni & Communications Manager, Miriam Irle and EIT Impact Officer for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Laurent Roux, delivered the welcoming remarks. Miriam reported on the steady growth of the EIT Health Alumni community in terms of membership since their foundation in 2017. This gave them the impetus to intensify their efforts in providing job offers, mentoring activities and workshops to aspiring entrepreneurs, and developing an attractive platform for Startups to promote their businesses and touch base with potential partners within the healthcare sector and beyond.


Later that day, Miriam presented the EIT Health Alumni board members, and gave a recap of their activities in 2018 which focused on enhancing the wider EIT Health community by bringing into contact their members to the different initiatives of EIT Health Campus, Innovation Projects, and the business creation program EIT Health Accelerator, among others. She also announced the appointment of Miguel Amador as the incoming President of the EIT Health Alumni board.

Source: EIT Health Alumni Facebook page

On the other hand, Laurent introduced the EIT Alumni as a community for all graduates and alumni of the EIT Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs), which so far includes those of EIT Climate, EIT Digital, EIT Health, EIT InnoEnergy, and EIT Raw Materials, making it an interdisciplinary and multicultural network of networks where every member can learn from each other, and potentially form multi-skilled teams to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Summit participants also learned about the EIT Alumni flagship activities namely the EIT Alumni Startup Days, a hackathon style event held several times a year where participating alumni from different Innovation Communities challenge themselves to co-design solutions to societal challenges, and the EIT Alumni CONNECT which serves as an annual meetup event where members can partner and co-create on projects and collaborate on how to further strengthen the community.

Using tools from positive psychology, team-building activities were facilitated for the rest of the afternoon by Yunel Founder & Managing Partner Kerstin Humberg. The ice-breakers were so entertaining that in no time, us participants have created circles of friends. For instance, the speed dating style session gave us the opportunity to discover our partner's motivation and expectation to join the Summit. By the way, we definitely enjoyed the coffee breaks in between, a smörgåsbord of delish Polish snacks.

"At some point during the group exercises, Kerstin highlighted the significance of being a wing-person to one another. It resonated with me. Be it in building a startup and pursuing professional success or when it comes to our personal endeavors, we tend to be more and achieve more with trusted friends and allies around. Now imagine we belong to a community full of wing-people. We've got nothing to lose. Only endless possibilities."

For the next workshop, the participants were divided into groups and were tasked to brainstorm and visualize what constitutes a healthy city of the future. Oh what fun it is, knowing that we were in a safe place to discuss ideas, not to mention the diversity of talents in the room, we're able to come up with innovative ideas for our vision boards.

I came to the Summit with my personal advocacy, which is climate action. So I envision a healthy city as a climate-resilient city, where healthcare management is responsive to the changing climate. While I believe that we still have time to limit climate change catastrophes, small and poor countries in the Pacific such as mine have long been affected by climate change disproportionately. Definitely closer to home.
The Philippines was listed as the No. 1 country most affected by climate change in the 2015 Global Climate Risk Index. The most glaring health issues relating to extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change are the prevalence of Dengue, Thyphoid, Cholera, and Malaria epidemics during seasons of higher temperatures while more women are endangered and killed, even at a younger age, when impacted by natural hazards such as droughts, storms, and floods (Climate Change and the Philippines: Executive Brief, 2018).

Hopefully, as we collect and analyze climate and health data, more targeted developmental and humanitarian assistance can be extended to the most affected areas of the world. How much more if we do our part? Well, how about having wing-countries?

This article was taken from Mark's personal blog. Read the full article here.