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Space: the final frontier. Or is it?


We have recently been contacted about a number of opportunities in the world of space, astronomy, and extraterrestrial innovation.

We decided to put together this handy list for EIT Alumni members who may be looking to venture further into the unknown!

Check out some of these exciting adventures below:

The Copernicus Incubation scheme is an initiative funded with 3,000,000 Euro which aims to award 50,000 Euro to 60 European start-ups between 2018 and 2020. This first year of the Copernicus Incubation scheme has been a great success, with 22 outstanding start-ups supported, out of 110 applications. There is an upcoming application deadline in mid-February and a second in May. Don’t miss your opportunity!

Read how to apply here. (Deadline February 15th) 


The INNOspace Masters ideas competition – as part of the INNOspace® initiative by the DLR Space Administration – is looking for world-changers with new ideas for the next space generation.

Space Moves! is the key motto. The topics for submissions to the INNOspace Masters ideas competition are both the development of innovative space technologies using expertise from other industries and also the application of existing technologies, services and applications from space for everyday life on earth.

Accept the challenge! Each of our partners presents its own challenge to the participants with individual areas of focus according to the development phase within the innovation process. Every idea finds the right challenge at the INNOspace Masters! Each challenge selects a winner at the awards ceremony. Irrespective of the ranking in the challenges, the jury decides on an additional overall winner, who can enjoy being entitled “INNOspace

Apply here before February 8th!


SpaceUp is a project financed by the EU Framework programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).
Throughout the project lifetime six Space Academies will take place in various locations in Europe, networking new space tech entrepreneurs with potential partners in Finance, Business, Space Clusters and Science Parks, plunging Start-ups into a genuinely European Space ecosystem.. ​
​The first Space Academy will take place in Helsinki, Finland 3-4 June 2019.

Apply here. (Deadline 1 March 2019) 

[Good luck and Godspeed!]

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