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Become more familiar with Intellectual Property

The EIT Alumni Community collaborates this year with the European IPR Helpdesk and the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk, dedicated to help cross-border, SMEs protect and enforce their Intellectual Property rights in, through the provision of free information and services.

Together we offer online trainings to EIT Alumni members around Intellectual Property.

These IP related skills, knowledge and tools are key to master when it comes to creating a new tech venture or for any innovation that is launched on the market: knowing what your IP rights are, strengthening your position on the market or in negotiations, protecting your solution from copying or counterfeiting or avoiding law suits, scaling your product or service in other countries with the right strategy. This discipline also applies to new technologies such as Artificial intelligence, which is a quite recent area of research, still to be explored and which raises questions.

4 webinars have been organised so far for EIT Alumni but also for EIT supported startups and scale-ups, that we want to share with you.

Good trainings worth watching this summer 😉

April 28: Introduction to IP and IP rights (EIT Alumni session)

Start building your IP knowledge and skills, get an overview of this field of expertise.

More info HERE

Watch the recording HERE

May 12: Commercialisation of IP (EIT KICs supported startups session)

Learn how to make IP an integral part of your business strategy.

More info HERE

Watch the recording HERE

May 13: AI and IP (EIT Alumni + EIT KICs supported startups session)

Learn how IP can be applied to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

More info HERE.

Watch the Recording HERE

May 28: IP and internationalisation of AI - in China and Southeast-Asia (EIT Alumni and Startups)

The China and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks equip people willing to explore opportunities to cooperate or use AI when doing business in China or South-East Asia.

More info HERE

Webinar Presentation available HERE

Stay tuned as other trainings will be scheduled for the next part of the year on other topics