14 July 2020 - Comments Off on Apply for the Female Founders Accelerator until 31 July!

Apply for the Female Founders Accelerator until 31 July!

Female Founders are scouting for the most promising female-led start-ups in Europe again until 31 July in order to join the online accelerator Grow F!

The Think Tank Female founders is the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe. The vision is to re-shape economy and society by fostering female entrepreneurial minds. They belive entrepreneurship is all about being a passionate and proactive leader - in life, career and community - and about having an impact & creating change. They truly believe that entrepreneurial minds will make all of this happen, and will lead the way into a bright future. This is why Female Founders supports the people in their community along their entire entrepreneurial lifecycle. The pan-European ecosystem currently consists of three main pillars:

  1. Base F: our low-key community for everyone who identifies themself as an entrepreneurial mind.
  2. Grow F: our accelerator program for female-led venture that shape the world of tomorrow.
  3. Lead F: our accelerator program for female entrepreneurial leaders.
Apply now to the Accelerator Programme Grow F!

Grow F is a three moths online accelerator programme that supports hghly inovative and scalable female-led ventures. The programme aims to make start-ups from Europe and beyond investment ready.

The programme is looking for: innovative and scalable female-led ventures (mixed teams highly welcome), with an existing MVP/Prototype who want support for their next fundraising round.

Find all further information and application here!

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