17 February 2020 - Comments Off on Online cross-KIC course “Business Growth: Tackling the Scale-up Challenge” [Starting date : Feb 17, 2020]

Online cross-KIC course “Business Growth: Tackling the Scale-up Challenge” [Starting date : Feb 17, 2020]

New course :rocket:by EIT, EIT Food and Cartezia has now opened for enrolment.
This course was designed as part of X-KIC Human Capital and has examples relating to all KIC interest areas.

The content of the course is based on the latest insights about scaling up, in particular the recently published ‘Scale Up Manual’ by Uday Phadke and Shai Vyakarnam.This is a cutting edge approach, based on a data-driven understanding of the scale up challenges faced by start-ups and scale-ups in different parts of the growth curve. Underpinned by the triple chasm model, the approach enables the mapping of a venture’s maturity and growth trajectory against sector-specific benchmarks.

Topic: There are many approaches addressing early-stage entrepreneurship and the challenges facing mature corporations, but a big gap when it comes to understanding the key drivers for growth and how to address them. This course introduces the Triple Chasm Model, a unique new approach to managing the growth challenge.

Target audience : This course is designed for members of leadership teams in innovative high-growth SMEs. It is targeted in particular at CXO level executives including CEOs, commercial directors, technical directors, finance directors, marketing directors, heads of product management, and heads of sales.

Learning outcomes: Summarise classic approaches to scaling along with their limitations / Reflect on how to assess the maturity of your proposition / Explore commercialisation strategy and business model development / Explore the internal meso-economic vectors including Contingent Technology Deployment, IP Management, Product Definition & Synthesis, Manufacturing & Deployment, Talent, Leadership & Culture and Funding & Investment / Apply the diagnostic, strategic target and gap analysis tools to your proposition.

Start date : The course will start on the 17/02 on FutureLearn, and will run for 5 weeks. The 5 weeks will be moderated by educators.

Registration fee : The registration fee is 102 GBP / 120 EUR per learner (no possibility of discounts).

Relevance for different KICs:
The course has been created with content/examples that relate to all the KICs:
Climate :

  • Carbon Capture
  • Management of Atmospheric Pollution
  • Management of Water Resources
  • Content Distribution and Digital Access Provision, including 5G services
  • Content Creation, Packaging and Meta-content, including new content services
  • Devices, software and applications provision, including IoT
  • Sensors, Analytics & Testing
  • Animal Products
  • Novel Human Products, including insect as a food
  • Food Market Places
  • Waste Management
  • Food Networks
  • Genetic, protein and cellular therapies
  • New diagnostic and therapeutic clinical interventions
  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • AI-assisted diagnosis and therapeutic intervention
  • Energy Storage and Management
  • Renewables (including wind, wave, solar and tidal)
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Optimising integrated provision
  • Distributed Supply Chains
  • Integrated manufacturing under Industry 4.0
  • New Processes and Techniques
Urban Mobility
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Infrastructure Management, including eV charging networks
  • Smart Cities

To enrol and for more information, click here

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