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Register your start-up on the REInA platform

REInA (Rural European Innovation Area) is a pan-European open platform which aims to gather innovative initiatives to support the creation of a new Rural European Innovation Area.

The objective of REInA is to be the loudspeaker for European rural area voices, pushing their development, growth, business and natural resources by a fair, green and sustainable management. The created dynamic, pan-European community led by corporates, with support from EU and level decision makers, that will work together to close the gap between rural areas and big cities. REInA will also present relevant challenges, calls, contests and other actions, all of them related to rural and territorial verticals.

REInA covers a wide range of sectors and activities under the rural umbrella, going from the most classic and well-known ones such as agri-food, livestock, tourism, crafts, etc. to others of great importance such as connectivity and telecommunications, as well as everything related to energy, energy transition, climate, sustainability, water, mobility, etc.
On the other hand, all sectors that help to improve the quality of life of citizens and entrepreneurs in rural areas, often related to services with potential digital interaction such as healthcare (telemedicine), education and content and security.

In terms of technologies, artificial intelligence (deep-tech), drones, robotics, blockchain, etc. play a very important role in order to automate many repetitive tasks in rural areas, facilitating the traceability of processes or helping to create safer spaces in which to create businesses.

Launch Event

The start of the platform will be celebrated with a launch event.

When? 6 April 2021, 10:00-19:15 CET.

Where? Online, wherever you are.

How? Get your free ticket now.

You will be able to listen to Commissioner Gabriel, Commissioner Wojciechowski and Mr Busoi, the Chair of EP ITRE Committee as they will open the event on 6 April at 10:00 CET. Several roundtables will follow the key notes: one with MEPs, one with relevant EU initiatives (DG RTD, DG REGIO, EIT, EIC etc), one with corporates, one with service providers.

The second part will be for especially for Corporates, a matchmaking event for star-tups, corporates, investors. Start Up Ole is in contact about the Launch event via the Cabinet with EASME/EIC and DG RTD/Innovation Ecosystems, apart from us. In their last networking event (Startup Ole 2020) they had over 320 1vs1 digital meetings between 40 investors and a pool of over 200 start-ups.

Check out the new REInA platform and register now.

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