17 March 2020 - Comments Off on Startup Commons’ free online courses due to Covid-19

Startup Commons’ free online courses due to Covid-19


As COVID-19 spreads at a rapid rate, Startup Commons is willing to contribute to cope with this situation and positively impact the future to help overcome tragedies like the one we are experiencing now.

They're here to serve individuals and organisations that are working towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with a target to democratise and scale entrepreneurship and innovation for new opportunities, job creation and producing more innovative companies that can also provide solutions for challenges like this terrible thread we are suffering now.

That’s the reason why for now, they have decided to open and make all Startup Commons online innovation entrepreneurship curriculum courses globally available for free to create an opportunity for anyone from anywhere in the world, to be better prepared for tackling this hard economic situation but also for the positive opportunities during and after this pandemic.

Please, use the code STAYATHOME to get 100% discount for

:star-struck: Growth academy for business creator (initially around 1000USD)

:star-struck: Growth academy for support provider (initially around 1000USD)




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