14 April 2020 - Comments Off on V4SDG Lab : applications are open until April 25

V4SDG Lab : applications are open until April 25

Join the first sustainability expert community of the Visegrad Group 
built by and for 100+ young professionals

If we stop addressing future threats of sustainability now, we fail to learn the most important lesson of this current crisis - preemptive action is key. That is why the Visegrad for Sustainability launched a brand-new project - the V4SDG Lab.

The V4SDG is looking for dedicated young professionals from the V4 region with demonstrated sustainability experience in research, entrepreneurship, policy, advocacy or any other related field, to join the first sustainability expert community of the Visegrad Group and to develop and present an ambitious blueprint for the region's development

:arrow_right: Apply here to join the V4SDG Lab

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Applications are now open until 25 April

A member of the V4SDG Lab would:

  • become one of the 100 young professionals covering wide range of stakeholder groups of sustainability from business, academic, governmental and civil sectors, who is willing to place knowledge, expertise, experience and reputation at the service of strengthening partnership and collaboration for sustainability in the V4;
  • join our effort to draft a sustainability vision for the V4;
  • act as an ambassador of V4SDG, advertising and spreading the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and Visegrad-level cooperation for their achievement at various fora, platforms and events;
  • advise us on the design, implementation and follow-up of the projects we engage with as an organisation;
  • contribute to a living lab for the ideation of new project ideas, research topics and publications (op-eds, position papers, policy briefs, research papers etc.) that aim to tackle the challenges of sustainability

For more information check out the V4SDG Lab website, their Facebook page or contact their Lab Lead, Korinna Varga at korinna.varga@v4sdg.com


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