Discover the EIT Alumni Communities

Our community relies on the collaboration of the five existing alumni associations of the EIT Innovation Communities: EIT Digital Alumni, EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association, The CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Health Alumni, and EIT RawMaterials Alumni.

Find out more about our respective alumni communities below: 

"The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation creates a vibrant, active and successful alumni network for EIT Digital. Our mission is to keep strong connections among fellow alumni and the EIT Digital ecosystem."

"Everything we do, ranging from events to programmes, to the platform, is driven by a mission to empower change agents worldwide by fostering collaboration, inspiration, career opportunities and challenge solving to achieve a sustainable energy future."

We are the Climate-KIC Alumni Community and we are creating a movement of empowered climate actors and changemakers. Our community aims to be an open, dynamic, self-organising and action-focused community for climate action. We believe that our community of entrepreneurial, motivated and talented people can make a difference. 


"The EIT Health Alumni Network supports EIT Health’s mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector by building a renowned network of students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with multi-disciplinary skills and backgrounds."

"Together with EIT Alumni in Budapest we are currently in the process of creating an EIT RawMaterials Alumni Association. The alumni association ensures that the EIT RawMaterials experience does not end with graduation day."