Why get involved with the EIT Alumni Community?

To be effective and sustainable, the EIT Alumni Community is driven by its members. It is the Alumni who claim ownership and responsibility for the direction of the community.
In order to encourage alumni to become active members of the community, the EIT Alumni community offers a set of attractive opportunities with a clear added value.
Below we highlight just a few of the unique benefits you can gain by being part of the EIT Alumni Community:

  • Access to a huge pool of talented and like-minded individuals with multidisciplinary skills who share knowledge and experience, giving rise to opportunities for collaboration, jobs, and business creation within the community; (“Alumni for alumni”)
  • Fast and easy access to all of the EIT’s Innovation Communities. The EIT Alumni Community will be linked to all EIT Innovation Communities and alumni associations, thereby facilitating access to a wider spectrum of innovation, education and business creation activities for all alumni, no matter their original affiliation. As such they have access to the entire EIT eco-system and can maintain and strengthen connections within the community.
  • Direct access to the EIT and its activities: The EIT Alumni Community will be a primary stakeholder within the EIT. This allows us to represent the voice of EIT Alumni, and provide valuable input and feedback to the EIT when further developing strategy and activities. EIT Alumni will have the opportunity to contribute to and participate in specific EIT events, such as INNOVEIT - the annual EIT Innovation Forum and other future activities.
  • Increased visibility and impact at European and global levels: The EIT Alumni Community aims to grow into a leading community of innovators and entrepreneurs, with the goal of positioning itself on the level of other major European (and global) representative networks. Such as the European Students Union (ESU), Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and EuroDoc, thereby gaining a voice at a European policy level.
  • Last but not least, EIT Alumni will (hopefully) feel proud to be part of an innovative community of young entrepreneurs and innovators who will be instrumental in driving future change.