List of  Success Stories

Rui Selah Li
Graduate from EIT Digital Master School & EIT WOMAN Award nominee 

Reshape how society thinks about sustainability and consumption is what drove Rui Li and her co-founders to create Ellure AB. Ellure develops mass-personalisation technology to offer an inclusive beauty product line and reduce waste in the beauty industry. Their first product is a custom liquid lipstick, in which customers can design and choose the colour through a web-based colour design tool.

After she joined the EIT Digital Master School, she started investing in her entrepreneurial attitude and she discovered in the EIT Community the opportunity to strengthen skills and search new prospects. The team was rewarded start-up of the year 2020 by EIT Digital Alumni and “Start-up with the most potential” by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce.

She believes in our power to elevate how things are designed and produced by merging the digital and physical experience. Her experience as CEO and EIT Alumni will be valuable for the EIT Alumni CONNECT on 28 and 29 November 2020, where she will be a speaker and present her insights to the topic of Responsible Consumption and Production and Industry Perspective towards it.

She is also one of the nominees of the EIT Awards 2020 in the WOMAN category. Find out the winners during the event on 8 and 9 December 2020.

More about Ellure: here

Martin Boutiere
Graduate from EIT labelled programme Master in Technological Innovation in Health (EIT Health) & EIT CHANGE Award nominee 

Martin Boutiere has started dealing with the clinical nutrition field for some time now. He is currently a PhD student at the Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics in Grenoble, France under the Cancer and Nutrition team. The problematic with cancer patients is that they are commonly fed with high protein diets to tackle malnutrition, and this implies a risk of tumour growth.

His platform Nutr’Avenir is focused on nutrition for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, with the aim to reduce malnutrition, which is responsible for 20-30% of cancer deaths. It will allow the validation of new concepts for preclinical research services and to patent new formulations, which can then be sold to the main commercial companies in the field.

“The skills, insight, and expertise I gained from the teaching, fellow students and mentors on the EIT Health-labelled MTiH programme were instrumental in forging my entrepreneurial spirit.” – Martin Boutiere

With his graduation from the EIT-labelled Master in Technological Innovation in Health, he developed the interest in entrepreneurship and the process of identifying a problem and finding an innovative solution. He believes the field of cancer research and nutrition offers a lot of innovative potential. 

He is one of the nominees of the EIT Awards 2020 in the CHANGE category. Find out the winners during the event on 8 and 9 December 2020.



Arpit Singh Parmar
Graduate from the EIT Label programme EMerald Maser in Georesources Engineering & EIT CHANGE Award nominee 

Arpit Singh Parmar is the Project Manager at METHEORE since 2019. He is a member of the EIT Alumni Community, following his graduation on the EIT-labelled programme EMerald Master in Georesources Engineering. While in his studies, Arpit recognised the potential impact of digitalisation in the raw materials sector. This encouraged him to leaving his job as a consultant, then pursuing an entrepreneurial path and starting to work on a prototype that could be transformed into a commercial solution.

He is now working on the LaserSieve, a non-intrusive and non-disruptive online 3D solution that measures the throughput, size and shape of materials operating in harsh industrial environments. The real-time information helps users to detect any process deviations and take corrective action promptly. The solution improves the occupational safety standards of the workplace by reducing human exposure to high dust environment and hazards.

He and his team also participated in the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator Programme, which allowed them to establish a scalable business model and develop their idea.  

He is one of the nominees of the EIT Awards 2020 in the CHANGE category. Find out the winners during the event on 8 and 9 December 2020.

More about Metheore: here


Marcus Bilgec and Igors Berkovics
Graduates from the Clinical Innovation Fellowship and co-founders of ZoundMedical

In 2019, the team participated in the Clinical Innovation Fellowships programme, a joint initiative of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet, and EIT Health. With this programme, they worked closely with patients, nurses and doctors.

ZoundWave was born after they took part in the programme. The idea was to accelerate the diabetic wound healing and prevent amputations, by using “low intensity vibration”. They developed a user-friendly medical device that improves blood circulation, promotes angiogenesis, stimulates growth factors and thus speeding up the wound healing, shortening treatment time and costs.

In the same year, they made it to the Swedish Venture Cup IDEA competition and were awarded with EUR 5000. They have received EUR 8000 support from EIT Health to finalize their patent application and the design of the Quality Management System for CE Mark. They also received support from the Swedish innovation agency ALMI, with EUR 5000 funding for prototype development.

More about ZoundMedical: here

Husam Rajab
Graduate of EIT Health's Summer School - McTivAgeing

Husam’s decision of connecting his Communication Engineering – Internet of things and 5G Technology – research field with the Health sector, followed his participation at the EIT Health’s Summer School McTivAgeing in Portugal about mobility and active ageing, and other EIT Health workshops. 

In 2019, he joined the EIT Health Innovation Day in Pécs University in Hungary, to tackle the challenge “Supporting the job with innovative methods of such institutions that help children who suffer from life-risking and life-shortening diseases”. Caring Hand Network was the idea developed by the team to provide an online platform to connect parents and volunteers, with joined efforts with Tábitha Ház in Hungary. The idea embedded an application, using machine learning, that aimed to find the best fit and match for families according to their children’s special needs. Their idea was awarded with the 1st Prize.

“I decided to join because EIT will help me in shaping my future and research career. The prospect of joining with such an essential educational initiative in collaboration with leading European academic and health industrial partners is fascinating. It would be an honour to contribute and expand the myriad skills I have gathered and will learn throughout my previous accomplished years of experience through EIT programs.” – Husam Rajab

More about McTivAgeing: here



Govinda Upadhyay 
Graduate of EIT InnoEnergy Master's programme in Sustainable Engineering  

After undertaking his EIT labelled Master’s degree with EIT InnoEnergy, Govinda went on to found the award winning start-up LEDSafari. Govinda started with a vision of every child around the world having light to study – and he created a simple to make, cheap solar lamp and a programme for trainers who are now teaching children all over the world to make their own lamps.

Govinda is a great example of the EIT Alumni in action. He has benefitted from not one but two of the EIT’s Innovation Communities, having been accepted into the EIT Climate KIC Accelerator programme after his InnoEnergy master’s degree.
In 2015 Govinda was named on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for best young entrepreneurs. He was also winner of the EIT Change award at INNOVEIT 2015 and winner of the MIT Enterprise Forum's Innovate for Refugees competition in 2016.


Julia Römer and Arno Zimmerman
Graduates of EIT Climate-KIC Summer School and Climate-KIC Phd Programme in Sustainable Product development

Julia Römer, graduate of the EIT Climate-KIC Summer School, founded Coolar with fellow EIT Alumni Community member Arno Zimmerman, who recently finished his PhD with EIT Climate-KIC. Coolar have developed an innovative and efficient solar powered refrigerator which has great potential in developing countries, particularly in regards to the refrigeration of vaccinations.

They have won numerous business concept awards such as the Berlin-Brandenburg business plan competition, and were named top 3 in the Handelsblatt Energy Awards in 2016. In 2015 Arno Zimmerman was named on Forbes’s 30 under 30 list for best young entrepreneurs and was nominated for the EIT CHANGE award.

Since creating the idea for Coolar in the Climate-KIC Summer School, Coolar have also been included in the EIT Climate-KIC Greenhouse Incubation programme and the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme, meaning that the EIT community has been with them every step of the way.


Kate Hofman
Graduate of the EIT Climate-KIC Summer School – The Journey

Kate Hofman, a graduate of the EIT Climate-KIC Summer School, is the CEO and co-founder of GrowUp Urban Farms. During her time with EIT Climate-KIC, Kate got the entrepreneurship bug. She quit her job, joined Climate-KIC’s business incubation programme and started running her start-up that produces sustainable fresh fish, salads and herbs in London using a combination of aquaponic and vertical growing technologies.

Kate was the winner of the EIT Change Award in 2013, and was elected a London leader in 2015, a position reserved for the capital’s most exciting and innovative new leaders in sustainable business.


Karens Grigorjancs
Graduate of EIT Digital Master's School

Karens Grigorjancs, EIT Alumni and recent graduate of EIT Digital Master’s school used the skills gained during his EIT labelled degree to successfully co-found Plugify, an online platform for the booking of live music. As Karens says of his degree; 'I had a technical education and learned innovative and entrepreneurial skills that made me the perfect co-founder.' 

Karens was nominated for the EIT Change award in 2016 and his start-up Plugify has got off to a flying start. In August 2016 they successfully raised over €750 000 in a crowdfunding campaign, absolutely smashing their predicted goal.


Clémentine Chambon
PhD Student in partnership with EIT Climate-KIC

Clementine Chambon uses her wealth of knowledge in chemical engineering to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating with a Master's from the University of Cambridge, she went on to do a PhD in partnership with EIT Climate-KIC at Imperial College London. 

In August 2014, Clementine took part in the Journey, The EIT Climate-KIC Summer School programme. That same month she founded her hugely successful startup Oorja: Empowering Rural Communities, a company which is developing innovative ways for rural communities to produce clean renewable energy and biochar from agricultural waste. This idea is not only fantastic for the environment, but it also has the potential to provide sustainable energy to hundreds of millions of people.

Clementine's success has been widely recognised internationally. She was included in the Forbes 30-under-30 list in 2016, and the MIT Tech Review's Social innovators of the year lists.


Yue Sun & Tianchi Li
Former EIT Digital Master's students

Just three months before finishing their EIT Digital Master School, Yue and Tianchi dropped out. No double degree. No EIT certificate. No Graduation Ceremony. Regrets? No, says Yue Sun, co-founder of CodeMao. Instead he and his partner Tianchi Li raised almost seven million euros in funding and are now founders of a company that employs 135 and is preparing to expand globally. "We were trained well," he says. 

Inspired by their love of cats, (Of which there are many in their office!) Yue and Tianchi's company CodeMao (CodeCat) provides a learning platform which teaches programming to children.
Despite leaving their degree early, the pair have become very successful. All it took was an idea and the skills they "brought from their EIT Digital Master's degree" 


Nils Rodday
Graduate of EIT Digital Master's School

Since graduating from the EIT Digital Master's School, Nils has become a worldwide expert on drone security. He recently spoke at a number of conferences and his story got global media coverage!

Nils stirred up the global drone scene in his EIT Digital thesis with his discussion on 'Exploring security vulnerabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles’. In this he showed how drones "can be easily hacked with a $40 kit". He is now widely regarded as an expert on the topic.

Nils has since moved on from his passion for drones and now looks to do greater things in space, the final frontier!
He currently works as a security consultant for IBM in the field of space and defense insurance. 

Read his Master's thesis here.


Simon Becker
Graduate of EIT Climate-KIC Summer School The Journey

After taking part in the EIT Climate-KIC Summer School, Simon co-founded Cabin Spacey in 2015. (No, its not a house of cards, its a wooden rooftop cabin!)

Berlin based Cabin Spacey have created a new genre in urban space by attaching smart modular cabins to cities’ existing infrastructure - Rooftops, Parking Decks, Gable Walls, Temporary Lots. They were awarded 15 000 EUR for winning second prize in the  'Smart Urban Pioneers' competition in August 2016

Simon's innovative young business builds smart modular cabins that can host up to two people.
These cabins could be the homes of the future: crafted from sustainable materials and designed to match the actual needs of those looking for a new home. Environmentally friendly, contemporary, intelligent, modular, flexible. No matter where you plan to live: Cabin Spacey exploits previously untapped potential.

Who wouln't want to live in a beautiful wooden rooftop cabin with views of a city skyline?!


Chris Monaghan
Graduate of EIT Climate-KIC Summer School The Journey

Chris grew up near New York City with a passion for innovation and education. He has an academic background in international politics and environmental policy. He joined Metabolic as co-founder, alongside the award winning Eva Gladek, shortly after its inception in 2012.

Chris built on his passion for innovation at the EIT Climate-KIC summer school. This helped him to stengthen and reinforce his position as Innovation Director at Metabolic.

Metabolic is a consulting and venture building company that uses systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges. They provide institutions and companies with the knowledge, tools and ideas to support improved decision making and implementation when it comes to addressing sustainability issues

Their core values 
Think in Systems         Do epic shit          Collaborate         Make it fly!        Empower others


Alicia Raftery
Graduate of EIT InnoEnergy Master's Programme

Alicia is an InnoEnergy Master's graduate in Nuclear Energy (MSc EMINE). In 2016 she was one of the proud winners receiving the Sigvard Eklund award at the SKC (Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology) annual symposium in September 2016 in Hindås.

Driven by her passion for the field of nuclear energy, and through close cooperation with her KTH PhD student supervisor, Kyle Johnson, she created a composite nuclear fuel of uranium silicide and uranium nitride using a relatively new sintering method called “spark plasma sintering” (SPS). She even uncovered a new "unknown" ternery phase. 

Alicia has recently started her PhD and will spend the next 2 years in the USA, followed by two more in Belgium.
We can only imagine what she will achieve next!

Read more here


Allen Ali Mohammadi
Graduate of EIT InnoEnergy Master's School

During his InnoEnergy master's degree Allen unfortunately lost his grandmother to a heart attack. Wondering why the disease wasnt detected earlier, Allen was inspired to found Hippogriff AB with his brother. 

Their company has created a Complex Disease Detector (CDD), an accurate, non-invasive and inexpensive tool for the screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. This should be particularly comended for the fact that it allows patients to discover if they suffer from heart disease, even if they show no symptoms.

Allen was awarded the EIT Change award at INNOVEIT 2016 - The EIT's Innovation Forum. In 2017 he was included, alongside his brother, in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Watch his post award speech here


Elias de Keyser
EIT InnoEnergy Student

Elias is still in the process of finishing his dual EIT InnoEnergy Master's degree in 'Energy for Smart Cities' at the Universities of Leuven and Catalonia. 

In November 2016, Elias took part in 'The Young Talent Programme', part of European Utility Week 2016.
Participants were asked to respond to the question: "What's required to reach a new energy future and the 2030 renewable targets?" 

Elias was victorious in his response! He was announced as the winner of the Young Talent Award in early 2017.

Watch his post-award interview here