What is the EIT Alumni Community ?

The EIT Alumni Community is an interdisciplinary and multicultural network of networks gathering all graduates and alumni from EIT's education & business creation programs, regardless of what Innovation Community they belong to, what area they specialise in, or what part of the world they live in.

  • Our Mission
Inspire and facilitate interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration as well as skill and knowledge transfer to boost entrepreneurial action and career development, and amplify the impact of our innovation activities to tackle major societal challenges.
  • Our Vision
To be a renowned community of interdisciplinary entrepreneurs and innovators who are actively collaborating to create positive impact to global challenges.
  • Our Values 
Transparent, Collaborative, Sustainable, Social, Sharing, and Diverse.


Why get involved with the EIT Alumni Community?

By Alumni, For Alumni

All graduates from the Innovation Communities’ entrepreneurial education and business acceleration programmes benefit from being part of a growing EIT Alumni Community. This Community brings together entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts who share a common vision for creating positive societal impact through innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT Alumni Community is an interdisciplinary and multicultural network of networks bringing together professionals from different countries and sectors. 

The EIT Alumni Board, made up of representatives of the five current individual Alumni Communities of the EIT’s Innovation Communities, is responsible for the strategic development of the EIT Alumni Community, to further develop it, and to encourage an active exchange between members. In its work, the EIT Alumni Board ensures complementarity and alignment with KIC Alumni Associations and the EIT`s strategies and activities.

Be part of this exciting community, find opportunities from all over Europe (and beyond), and learn, create and be a change agent !

Facilitating access to KIC innovation, education and business creation opportunities

Access to a huge talent pool of like-minded individuals with multidisciplinary skills.

Increased visibility and impact at European and global levels.

The EIT Alumni Community is a primary stakeholder of the EIT representing the voice of EIT Alumni.

EIT Alumni members undertake EIT entrepreneurial education and business acceleration programmes, helping them develop key competencies in entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking. Graduates of EIT-labelled programmes have shown an affinity to staying in connection with their like-minded and industrious peers.

Prior to the conception of the EIT Alumni, the EIT's Innovation Communities developed individual Alumni Associations, creating a strong network of students within their own thematic areas and offering occasional, unstructured opportuities for collaboration between them. In 2013, the first official cross-KIC alumni event took place in which over 150 EIT-labelled students and alumni took part in the first CONNECT event. The community continued to develop and grow over the next few years.

In early 2016, the Alumni Community was strengthened by the election and creation of an EIT Alumni Board. Their mandate was to steer the Association in the right direction and foster increased collaboration between the EIT Innovation Communities (KICs).

The EIT Alumni will become a leading educational, business and networking society.

The EIT Alumni Board

The Board of the EIT Alumni is made up of members representing the five existing EIT Alumni Communities, namely: EIT Digital Alumni, EIT Climate-KIC Alumni, EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity, EIT Health Alumni, EIT RawMaterials Alumni and two addtional members.

  • EIT Health Alumni Representative, EIT Alumni President - Miguel Amador
  • EIT Digital Alumni Representative,EIT Alumni Vice-President - Jeroen van Lent
  • CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy Representative - Noran Kamal
  • EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Representative - Michelle Zucker
  • EIT RawMaterials Alumni Representative - Ali Hassan
  • External EIT Alumni Board Member - Peter Olesen
  • EIT Representative - Urszula Bogatyńska


In the near future, the alumni community of EIT Food will also appoint a member of their own alumni board to represent them as part of the EIT Alumni.

As the governing body, the Boards duties are to drive the setup of operational activities and to develop and execute key strategic areas.


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