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EIT Alumni get a taste of Israeli Bites!

The EIT's Israel Hub run a two-day training workshop, providing EIT Alumni with the opportunity to interact with the Israeli innovation ecosystem

As part of the European Commission’s strategy to build global partnerships, to collectively solve the most pressing societal challenges, and to showcase European innovation globally, the EIT Community has expanded its footprint beyond Europe. In addition to establishing Community Hubs in Silicon Valley and Beijing, the EIT Israel Hub was established in 2019 as a bridge between the EU and Israeli innovation ecosystems.  

The Hub serves to expand the EIT Community’s presence and volume of activities in the country, and to enable European innovators to attract Israeli customers, partners and investors. Last week’s Israeli Bites training workshop is the latest example of the success of this collaboration, and the kind of collaborations the EIT is looking to have with global partners. 

Members of the EIT Alumni were invited to attend, and take part in, an intensive two-day workshop. The Alumni’s entrepreneurs varied in size, scope and represented different domains, including the RawMaterials, Climate, Digital, Health, Food, and InnoEnergy Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).  Over two days, the EIT's 'Network of Networks' was exposed to Israeli’s industry and learned how to implement key elements of Israeli innovation ecosystem into their everyday work. 

The Israeli approach was framed around five words: 'Firgun', 'Yalla!', 'Hutzpah', 'Tachles', and 'Fryer'.

An impressive lineup of speakers – from successful ventures such as Fiverr, Walnut, and AnD Venture – illustrated the meaning of these words in the context of Israeli innovation, covering topics such as personal branding, business environments, networking and communication skills. Together they constitute the unique value proposition of Israel – the spice! 

This status quo challenging of reality is probably the most fundamental aspect of 'Hutzpah': that you can say "yes, I can build something that doesn't exist"

- Uri Adoni, General Partner of Sanara Ventures

The workshop’s cherry on the cake saw the participants given the opportunity to pitch their products and services in front of Israeli venture capitalists and experts – a fast-tracked opportunity to receive high-level feedback and further advice.  

Follow the Israel Hub on LinkedIn and the EIT Alumni's news and social media to learn about similar opportunities in future. 

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