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13th January 2021 - Comments Off on Hackathon to detect fake news in food safety, register now!

Hackathon to detect fake news in food safety, register now!

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and EIT Alumni are looking for developers and designers with innovative ideas for designing a prototype of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to detect fake news using EFSA’s body of scientific opinions, to safeguard the credibility of information in EU about food and feed safety.

You can participate as an individual or as a member of a team.

All registered participants will receive an invitation to access, if they wish to, an Hackathon platform, which will allow interaction, collaboration and matchmaking between applicants in view of stimulating the creativity and enhancing the quality of the designed solutions according to the Hackathon collaborative knowledge creation process.


  • Deadline for registration: 28 January, 14:30 CET
  • contest start and release of contest challenge: 19 February, 16:00 CET
  • On-line Hackathon event (optional): 20-21 February 2021
  • Closing date: 22 February, 14:30 CET
  • Award Ceremony: 19 March

You should start working on your idea before applying, based on the rules of contest and the topic of the challenge published by EFSA. Following the assessment of a jury, the first five solutions (i.e. top 5 team rankings by overall score) will be invited to a half-day on-line award ceremony event. At that stage, your solution needs to work and you will have the chance to present it!

Possible prizes!

  • 1st place: EUR 7.000
  • 2nd place: EUR 6.000
  • 3rd place: EUR 5.000
  • 4th and 5th place: EUR 3.500

Details for registration

Send an email to with following documents: Administrative Data Form, Legal Entity Form, Declaration of Honour on Exclusion.

Participation in this contest is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons falling within the scope of the EU Treaties.

Template documents are available here.
More information here.

(Please try a different Internet Browser if you have problems loading the pages.)

This is a competition but it’s also an opportunity to meet interesting people and learn something new. Just have a good time and do your best.

Have fun and…happy hacking!

12th January 2021 - Comments Off on Join a science for policy conferenced by JRC

Join a science for policy conferenced by JRC

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) organises the high-level conference 'What future for European robotics?'

The conference starts on 27 and 28 January between 15.00 and 18.00 CET, with a closing policy roundtable on 29 January between 15.00 and 16.00 CET. The conference will be live streamed. Registration and further details about the programme and the speakers are available on the event website.

This science for policy conference will provide a scientific, policy-oriented and EU-centred analysis of the state of this technology. Split panels will cover technical, economic, education and social angles, to identify the short-term and long-term policy challenges, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and its recovery.

The keynote speakers:
  • European Commission Vice-President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight Maroš Šefčovič,
  • European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel,
  • President of euRobotics aisbl Dr Bernd Lieper,
  • Research Professor at the Spanish Scientific Research Council Carme Torras.
Among the confirmed panellists:
  • Daron Acemoglu, Institute Professor at MIT,
  • Prof. Tony Belpaeme, Professor at Ghent University,
  • Dr. Susanne Bieller, General Secretary of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR),
  • Raja Chatila, Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University, Chair IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems,
  • Aimee van Wynsberghe, Humboldt Professor at the University of Bonn,
  • Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin,  Deputy Head of Division OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI),
  • Hae Won Park, Research Scientist at Media Lab, MIT.

The policy roundtable on 29 January will bring together European Commission Director Generals, including JRC Director Stephen Quest to discuss what regulatory framework would be needed for the EU robotics.

More information here.

12th January 2021 - Comments Off on Apply for the Ideas Powered for business SME Fund

Apply for the Ideas Powered for business SME Fund

The Ideas Powered for business SME Fund, which opened for applications on 11 January 2021, is a EUR 20 million grant scheme to help EU SMEs protect their Intellectual Property (IP).

Co-funded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Commission, the SME Fund will grant IP Vouchers to EU SMEs in five separate grant windows throughout 2021 on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Open to all enterprises in the EU that fit the official definition of a SME, the SME Fund offers a maximum reimbursement of EUR 1 500 per beneficiary.

SMEs can apply for:
  • 75% discount in IP pre-diagnostic fees (IP Scan), services facilitated by participating National IP Offices; and/or
  • 50% discount in trade mark and design application fees (national, regional and EU).
Webinar on 19 January

Don’t miss the upcoming webinar ‘Ideas Powered for business Support Services for SMEs: What’s new in 2021’, for all your questions on the SME Fund. Join the webinar on 19 January at 10am CET.

More information here.

14th December 2020 - Comments Off on Participate in EUIPO trainings and protect your Intelectual Property (IP)

Participate in EUIPO trainings and protect your Intelectual Property (IP)

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), signed an agreement that brings together innovation and intellectual property for the benefit of European small and medium size enterprises (SME).

With this collaboration, the EIT and the EUIPO intend to find further areas of cooperation through initiatives that support SMEs through the KICs, exchange of tools, training models, events, webinars and content.

For the EIT Community, this agreement is an excellent opportunity to increase SME knowledge on IP to fully benefit from the protection that IP brings in the global market. Special trainings for members of the EIT Community will be launched in 2021.

Until then, do you or your start-up/scale-up need support on IP?

Check out the offers from EUIPO!
  • Personalised intellectual property support: Obtain free support to maximise your business's intellectual property potential with help from the experts.
  • The FastTrack way: FastTrack helps speed up your application at no additional cost. Apply online for a registered community design or for an EU trade mark today. Your application will be examined and published faster.
  • Learn intellectual property and help your business grow: Choose from a selection of useful and interesting learning resources aimed at small and medium businesses.
  • Let your Trade mark identify your business: A trade mark creates an identity that your customers can recognise, and it can play a key role in building your brand. With adequate protection it may become your most valuable asset.
  • Stand out from the crowd with your Design: Your product’s appearance helps your customers identify it, and is an asset worth protecting. Registering its design can set you apart in the market and protect you against infringement.
  • eTranslation is here to help: eTranslation, provided by the European Commission, is a state-of-the-art online machine translation service. It is now available to all EU small and medium-sized enterprises. You can save time and translate any document easily in more than 24 languages. All the translated data will be confidential and secure, and, most importantly, eTranslation is free of charge.
Find out more here.

30th November 2020 - Comments Off on Apply for Bridge – The McKinsey Mentorship Programme for Women@EIT

Apply for Bridge – The McKinsey Mentorship Programme for Women@EIT

The joint initiative by Women@EIT and McKinsey Digital recognises and supports women with a background in technology.

McKinsey have created and sponsored many programmes to create a diverse and inclusive environment and are excited to launch Bridge – The McKinsey Mentorship Programme for Women@EIT, a joint initiative by Women@EIT, the women’s network of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and McKinsey Digital.

Along a six-month journey, a McKinsey consultant will mentor you and share advice regarding your academic or professional advancement. You will have the chance to learn more about McKinsey Digital and the work they do at the crossroads of business and technology. In addition, you will hear from the consultants about how they foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and how McKinsey helps their people thrive. And should you be interested in applying for one of the roles, your mentor will help you prepare for your interview and answer any questions you may have regarding the recruitment process.

You should apply if you:

  • Self-identify as a woman AND
  • Are currently enrolled in one of the EIT-labeled educational programmes at a master’s or PhD level focusing on digital technologies OR
  • Have successfully completed your education at EIT and are a professional (up to three
    years of experience) with expertise in digital technologies.
How to apply?

To be considered for Bridge – The McKinsey Mentorship Programme for Women@EIT, please submit the following documents to by 18 December 2020.

  • Your CV in English, which should include details of your education and grades, work
    experience, and extracurricular activities and achievements.
  • A short motivation letter (maximum 250 words) explaining your expectations for the mentorship. What are your goals? How can a McKinsey mentor help you reach your goals?
Find out more here.

17th November 2020 - Comments Off on Join the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates

Join the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates

Join the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates community of tech entrepreneurs, leaders, experts and investors eager to make emerging Europe a global tech hub.

Tech Emerging Europe Advocates, led by Emerging Europe, is part of Global Tech Advocates (GTA), the world's only global tech community. GTA advocates include 16 000 tech leaders from Silicon Valley to Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Tech Emerging Europe Advocates spans 25 countries with a combined population of over 200 million people and is GTA's largest network. Fully focused on collaboration, they unite the entire region and place it in front of a global audience.

The network is a home for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, hubs, accelerators, corporates, start-ups, scale-ups, policy-makers, universities, experts and media from — or with a stake in — emerging Europe.

Who can join?

Tech Emerging Europe Advocates is open to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, with an active interest in tech or innovation and the emerging Europe region.

This includes entrepreneurs, advisors, experts, representatives of start-ups, businesses, associations, governmental authorities, universities, the media and more.

How to join?
  • Visit the Tech Emerging Europe Advocates website
  • Click on the 'apply to become an advocate' button
  • Fill in the form with your contact details and tech interests

21st October 2020 - Comments Off on Internship opportunities around Intelectual Property (IP)

Internship opportunities around Intelectual Property (IP)

The IPwe IP Scholars Program - your chance to gain on the job experience on IP.

The IPwe IP Scholars Program is a cooperation between IPwe and leading universities around the world where IPwe introduces students from around the world in multiple disciplines to innovation an IP. As an IPwe Scholar, you are put on real business projects with our top people that will impact innovation. The typical IPwe Scholar commits to between seven and 20 working hours per week – which can vary by week – and receives in depth real world training on innovation and IP working with some of the largest companies in the world, innovative startups and SMEs and some of the world’s top universities.

The goal of the IPwe IP Scholars Program is to expose the best minds and students from around the world to innovation and IP at a global level. It might lead to a career at IPwe or it might be an experience that simply enriches your understanding of the world and benefit you and your future employer. Upon successful completion of the IPwe Scholars Program, you will be recognized for your successful completion of the program and join our growing alumni network.

New openings for the virtual internships are posted every month on for European students and on for students in the USA.

About IPwe

IPwe is the world’s first global IP platform where the world comes to get information, engage and to transact about intellectual property. Using artificial intelligence and blockchain the IPwe Team has begun to unravel the mysteries and lack of transparency that have limited the utility of IP for centuries. With a presence in Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Singapore), the EU (France, Germany, Ireland and the UK), South America (Colombia) and the US, IPwe has a 50 person team that is dedicated to improving innovation.

Check out two examples of planned internship postings:
  1. Data Science Intern (chemical formulas and compounds) - internship
  2. Extracting Genomic Sequences

You can find more information here or contact

20th October 2020 - Comments Off on Calling European and Israeli start-ups to supercharge your global market expansion

Calling European and Israeli start-ups to supercharge your global market expansion

EIT Hub Israel is launching its first start-up programme – Calling2Scale, a 4-week virtual bootcamp and start-up competition.

The programme is offering globalisation support, practical tools, and an international network to 12 highly motivated and disruptive European and Israeli start-ups.

🚀What to expect on your global journey? 

A for week virtual bootcamp and start-up competition offering globalisation support, practical tools, and an international network to 12 highly motivated and disruptive Israeli and European start-ups. The programme strategically and effectively prepare and enhances a company’s ability to penetrate and scale into new global markets by leveraging its network of partners and international experts.

The programme operates in three tracks – Health, Climate, and Smart Cities. The bootcamp takes place in November-December 2020.

🌠Why join?  
  • Fully funded bootcamp with hands-on supports and tailored workshops to meet your needs.
  • Strategic partners and speakers from leading innovation ecosystems - including Israel, Silicon Valley, and Europe.
  • Weekly 1:1 session to support your growth and progress
  • Direct access to a pool of top tier experts and mentors from various fields based on your specific needs (business, communication, leadership, technology, marketing, and more).
  • The three winners of the start-up competition, one from each track, will compete in the prestigious “Get in the Ring” global start-up competition.
Find out more & apply now!

(Submission deadline: 5 November 2020, 23:59)

2nd October 2020 - Comments Off on Join a webinar with the winner of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020!

Join a webinar with the winner of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020!

Learn more on how Computational Drug Design Tools can be used for Green Chemistry. EIT Health Alumni meets Maria Lucas: Winner of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020!

The Community is very pleased to have Maria Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder of Zymvol Biomodeling, join for a webinar on 7 October 2020.

Maria's webinar will focus on her own entrepreneurial journey, and will present a new focus of her biomodelling company; how computational drug design tools can be used for green chemistry. During her talk with the community, Maria will share some of the experiences and challenges she faced when setting up her own company, and will look into some of the lessons she has learnt along the way.

There will also be time for a live Q&A, a great opportunity for participants to grab the chance to learn from a top quality entrepreneur, and winner of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020!

Maria Fátima Lucas

Maria is an experienced researcher in the field of biotech, and computational chemistry. In 2017, she founded Zymvol Biomodelling alongside her two co-founders, Emanueleonza (CSO) and Victor Gil (CTO). Since then, Maria has overseen the expansion of the team, has secured +2M€ in equity free funding for R&D, and closed sales with multinational companies in Chemical, Biotech and Pharma sectors in Europe, America and Asia.

On 23rd September 2020, Maria was selected as one of three winners of the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020. This prestigious annual award is funded under Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme.

Zymvol Biomodeling

ZYMVOL BIOMODELING SL is a biotech company based in Barcelona, Spain, and specialized in the design, development and application of molecular modeling software to enzyme discovery and optimization. ZYMVOL is deeply embedded in the international scientific community and actively participates in various top tier research projects. ZYMVOL’s goal is to make high-performing enzymes accessible to any company in need of biocatalysts. Our clients include companies in sectors such as Chemical, Pharma, Food & Beverage, Biotech service providers, Generics, Flavor & Fragrances and Animal Feed.

Get the ticket now!

1st October 2020 - Comments Off on Wanted: your ideas for ESA’s future space missions

Wanted: your ideas for ESA’s future space missions

Do you have a compelling idea for a future space mission? ESA wants to hear it.

The European Space Agency is issuing an open call for new mission concepts across its entire range of activities. Anyone is encouraged to submit in response, from research institutes and companies to ‘citizen scientist’ members of the public.

Ideas can be submitted via ESA’s new Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP), which also provides full details of the timing, process and evaluation criteria.

“Following the successful Space19+ Ministerial meeting, it’s time to plant the seeds for new programmatic decisions on new missions and new space projects. This time we’re tapping into the insight, competence and creativity of industry, academia and private citizens to identify the best ideas for new space missions beyond our current planning or scope.” - ESA Director General Jan Wörner

The scope of future space missions is figuratively and literally infinite. Proposed space mission concepts can also be outside of the current scope of ESA space missions, but they need to be within the mandate assigned to ESA by its Convention.

Missions might aim to solve a prevailing scientific puzzle, like ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, seeking to pin down the source of mysterious methane emissions on the red planet. Or look back at the world in a new way, such as the Aeolus mission mapping wind fields from orbit. Or they can test out new ways of accessing space, as with the resuable Space Rider.

Novel technology is often a spur to new missions: ESA’s Biomass Earth Explorer mission will map all the trees on Earth through an innovative P-band synthetic aperture radar system. Or a mission might be chosen to prove a novel operating approach, as with the double-satellite Proba-3, which will demonstrate precision formation flying to form an artificial eclipse in orbit, to observe the Sun’s ghostly corona.

Alternatively, missions can form the basis of space-based services, like ESA’s Telecom missions. For instance, the just-launched ESAIL microsatellite uses automatically-transmitted ‘AIS’ identification signals from ships as the basis of global maritime tracking.

The smallest missions tend to be among the most experimental, such as CubeSat missions built up from 10-cm boxes, including the twin RACE CubeSats to demonstrate miniaturised rendezvous and docking, or PRETTY, employing reflected satellite navigation signals to gather details of the terrestrial environment.

Find more information here.
Submit your idea here!