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Applications Open for SME Fund

EUIPO SME Fund: Save up to €1500 on intellectual property costs.

Have you registered your trademark? The window for applications for the EUIPO SME Fund is now open (1-31 May 2021).

The European Commission and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) have recently launched the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund, a 20 million Euro grant scheme aimed at small businesses that wish to develop their intellectual property strategies and protect their intellectual property rights at the national, regional or EU level.

By covering trademark applications, the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund can power small businesses in Europe. According to a 2021 study, SMEs with intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs, etc.) report 68% more revenue.

Join the 3000 SMEs that have already applied and got reimbursed up to €1500 on your intellectual property costs. You will get: 

·       50% off the cost of basic application fees for trademarks and designs at national, regional and EU level (all EU countries);

·       75% off the cost of IP pre-diagnostic service (IP Scan) to help you develop an IP strategy. Professional IP experts will help businesses to identify the value of their intellectual property assets. SMEs registered in these countries can apply for IP Scan. 

The Ideas Powered for Business SME fund is contributing directly to enhancing intellectual property awareness and protection by SMEs in the EU.  71.8 % of the applicants so far are new to trademark or design protection in Europe.

Information and applications in all EU languages: APPLY NOW

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