14 December 2020 - Comments Off on Participate in EUIPO trainings and protect your Intelectual Property (IP)

Participate in EUIPO trainings and protect your Intelectual Property (IP)

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), signed an agreement that brings together innovation and intellectual property for the benefit of European small and medium size enterprises (SME).

With this collaboration, the EIT and the EUIPO intend to find further areas of cooperation through initiatives that support SMEs through the KICs, exchange of tools, training models, events, webinars and content.

For the EIT Community, this agreement is an excellent opportunity to increase SME knowledge on IP to fully benefit from the protection that IP brings in the global market. Special trainings for members of the EIT Community will be launched in 2021.

Until then, do you or your start-up/scale-up need support on IP?

Check out the offers from EUIPO!
  • Personalised intellectual property support: Obtain free support to maximise your business's intellectual property potential with help from the experts.
  • The FastTrack way: FastTrack helps speed up your application at no additional cost. Apply online for a registered community design or for an EU trade mark today. Your application will be examined and published faster.
  • Learn intellectual property and help your business grow: Choose from a selection of useful and interesting learning resources aimed at small and medium businesses.
  • Let your Trade mark identify your business: A trade mark creates an identity that your customers can recognise, and it can play a key role in building your brand. With adequate protection it may become your most valuable asset.
  • Stand out from the crowd with your Design: Your product’s appearance helps your customers identify it, and is an asset worth protecting. Registering its design can set you apart in the market and protect you against infringement.
  • eTranslation is here to help: eTranslation, provided by the European Commission, is a state-of-the-art online machine translation service. It is now available to all EU small and medium-sized enterprises. You can save time and translate any document easily in more than 24 languages. All the translated data will be confidential and secure, and, most importantly, eTranslation is free of charge.
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