11 March 2020 - Comments Off on Contribute to StartupBlink 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report

Contribute to StartupBlink 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report



StartupBlink offers you the opportunity to help them write their next startup ecosystem report, that will be released next month. It ranks the startup ecosystems of more than 1000 cities and 100 countries.

Previous StartupBlink’s reports were read by tens of thousands of decision makers, and published in hundreds of magazines. Your contribution will make a difference.

How can you help?

Since you probably know more than them about your local startup ecosystem, StartupBlink will share with you text from their previous 2019 report, which is segmented by countries.  If they missed interesting and relevant information about one of more ecosystems you know about (and they did), please suggest edits and/or additional information on this document. There is a “+” sign there for adding a comment for each section of the report you feel can be improved.

Please do not forget to include links to your sources. Please also mention your name if you are interested to be acknowledged, they will have a section of the report giving credit to few of you who offered the most relevant edits. :slightly_smiling_face:

Help StartupBlink with your ecosystem data as well?

The rankings are mainly derived from the information present on StartupBlink.

:arrow_right: If you have a startup, coworking, accelerator, or organization, now is the time to add it on the map and make sure your ecosystem received a boost before the next rankings are calculated.

:arrow_right: If you are an ecosystem developer from the public sector we also offer very few locations with data that is insufficient on our platform a free data partnership.

If you are interested to know more please write to this email address: feedback@startupblink.com and indicate which ecosystem is relevant to you and the name of your organization. 


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