Call for Expressions of Interest for the selection of the EIT Alumni President

The EIT Alumni is a network of networks, meaning that its primary members are the growing Alumni Communities of the EIT’s KICs namely: EIT Digital Alumni, The CommUnity by InnoEnergy, EIT Climate-KIC Alumni, EIT Health Alumni and EIT RawMaterials (three more EIT KIC Alumni organisations EIT Food, EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Manufacturing are under the structuring process).

To be effective and sustainable, the EIT has chosen to set up and support an EIT Alumni Board that is driven by its members, who assume ownership and responsibility for the direction of the community. The Board, and its President in particular, has a key role to increase the confidence and build a strategic vision of the future of the EIT Alumni Community.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, in Europe and around the world, it is more important than ever to foster long-term cooperation and community spirit. The EIT Alumni’s well-connected network has the skills and knowledge required to solve our major societal challenges.

At this pivotal moment, the EIT Alumni President will be tasked with leading this community and presenting a common vision of a greener, more sustainable Europe.

- Martin Kern, EIT Director

How is EIT Alumni Board organised? 
The President will lead the Alumni Board, which is comprised of representatives from the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities and supported by an EIT Representative and an EIT Alumni Board Observer.

The EIT Alumni Board provides an effective and sustainable governance structure for the growing Alumni Communities. It serves to unify communication flows and drive decision making and the implementation of EIT Alumni activities.

What is the role of the EIT Alumni President? 

  • Ensure accurate strategic planning and forecasting for the EIT Alumni.
  • Propose the EIT Alumni Work Plan to the EIT Alumni Board and coordinate its implementation.
  • Coordinate the operations of the EIT Alumni Board Members.
  • Represent the EIT Alumni inside the EIT Community and towards external stakeholders.
  • Encourage and support active collaborations between the EIT Alumni and the individual EIT KICs Alumni communities.
  • Collaborate with the EIT, in particular with the EIT representative to the EIT Alumni and the EIT Alumni Community Manager, to support the organisation of the EIT Alumni.
  • Maintain close contact with the Director of EIT in the representation of the EIT Alumni Board.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting towards the EIT of EIT Alumni activities and operations, including the Annual Activity Report to the EIT Director and the EIT Governing Board


Why lead the EIT Alumni Community? 

This Presidential role provides the chance to build a strategic vision for the 'Network of Networks' and continue the impressive development the Community has gone through during the past years.

Those suited to the role own leadership and communication skills, are results-driven, and are used to managing large-scale projects. Above all, they believe in the Community and are motivated to drive the transition toward a more connected, sustainable future for Europe.


How is the President selected? 

The selection procedure will be carried out by the EIT Alumni Selection Committee, supported by EIT KIC Alumni Communities/Associations. The procedure is expected to take approximately 3 months following the closure of the Call. 

The selection process will consist of the following stages:

1. Publication of the Call

  • Call will be open for four weeks.
  • The selection procedure will take approximately three months following the publication of the call.

2. Submission of applications

Applicants will be required to submit a CV, application form, a short motivational video (maximum one-minute long) and (option) a photo.

Assessment at the screening stage - eligibility and exclusion criteria

  • The eligibility of candidates will be assessed against three mandatory criteria: 
  1.  Education - an attained level corresponding to completed university studies of at least three years
  2.  Membership - candidates must be a member of one EIT KIC Alumni Community
  3.  Language - candidates must have excellent knowledge of English (at least B2)
  • Exclusion criteria in Call text.


Assessment at the application stage - Support from EIT KIC Alumni Communities/Associations

  • The EIT Alumni Selection Committee shall distribute all the applications (parts of applications defined in the Call) that satisfy the eligibility and exclusion criteria to all EIT KIC Alumni Communities / Associations through their EIT Alumni Board Representatives
  • Each EIT KIC Alumni Community / Association shall organise its own (or joint with other EIT KIC Alumni Communities / Associations) process to sustain their support recommendation to the EIT Alumni Selection Committee in the form of a Letter of support for one or several applicants 


3. Evaluation Phase

The applications will be evaluated on the basis of three essential criteria: 

  • three years of proven experience in the area of planning/management, 
  • proven experience in at least two lines of relevant work (innovation, academia, science, entrepreneurship, business, investing), 
  • proven experience of the 'knowledge triangle' (cooperation between business, research and education),  
  • support from one or several EIT KIC Alumni Communities/Associations

4. Interviews with shortlisted candidates

Candidates will be assessed according to their:

  • motivation for the position, 
  • very good understanding of the EIT Alumni Community, 
  • good understanding of operational modalities and strategic planning aspects of Alumni Associations/Communities, interpersonal, communication and networking skills, and 
  • spoken English.

5. Decision and appointment by the EIT Director

  • The EIT Alumni Selection Committee will forward a shortlist of candidates to the EIT Director.
  • Based on the proposal submitted, the EIT Director will appoint the President. 

Additional information

Full Call text - available here

EIT Alumni President Selection & Application - Info Session 9 June 17:00 - 17:45

For more information about the role, the selection process and how to apply, check out our webinar session by clicking the picture below.